Why you should work at Altair:

“Problem solving, creativity, innovation, and design.”
– Drew, Senior Project Engineer

“Getting to help, educate and enable the people I'm working with. I get paid to write scripts and work with simulation and teach people. Every facet of my job matches a skill set I have. How great is that?”
– Joe, Application Engineer

“Altair offers variety, new challenges daily. There are always new problems to solve.”
– Michael, Technical Field Operations, USA

“My job at Altair gives me diversity in experience that would be very hard to find elsewhere. I’m in a position where I can constantly learn and grow as an engineer. The work always changes and I’m never allowed to get bored.”
– Nick, Altair Project Engineer

“It’s the right place to work not just as engineer but as yourself; you work with people who share a vision and make you a part of it.”
– Michele, Technical Consultant

It takes smart people to deliver Innovation Intelligence®

We’re inspired by invention, design and creativity. Unsolved problems keep us awake. Collaboration keeps us motivated.

At Altair, the driving force behind our culture is our people. Throughout the company, on every project, with each client interaction, we take an entrepreneurial approach to solving problems.

Whether demonstrating how to reduce the mass of a launcher to help a military copter get off the ground or simulating a safer splashdown for the next generation of spacecraft, the goal is the same: to meet our clients’ challenges by applying knowledge, expertise and the most innovative solutions.

What does it take to think like an Altairian? Get into the mindsets of some of our most inspired engineers.

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