Simulation-driven analytics to guide rapid decision-making

With the emergence of cloud computing and big data, organizations will no longer compete solely on differentiators such as brand, quality, price, and customer service. They are rapidly evolving to be data-driven enterprises. Those that can efficiently visualize and extract deeper insight from data stores, analyze and predict business and product performance, and optimize decision-making – at all levels – will be positioned for success.

Predictive and Prescriptive Data Analytics

Leveraging a simulation-driven analytics approach together with deeply embedded optimization methodologies, Altair’s analytics solutions enrich the value of existing BI stack investments by providing deeper, forward-looking insight to realize business objectives.

Our solutions are distinctive in their ability to be rapidly deployed with minimal business disruption, enabling organizations to cost-effectively unlock and capitalize on the value of enterprise information and big data stores.

Analytics for Engineering

Aside from the traditional roles that business intelligence and analytics play in operational decision-making, Altair sees significant opportunity and is investing heavily in analytics technologies and applications specifically tailored for the engineering domain.

From out-of-the-box applications to “right-size” PLM software investments to tailored solutions to accurately manage weight and balance attributes throughout the product development lifecycle, our packaged and custom analytics solutions elevate engineering information to all business stakeholders helping to achieve both business and performance objectives.

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