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We develop multiphysics simulation technologies that allow you to accelerate next generation mobility solutions development. From smart control design to powertrain electrification and vehicle architecture studies, our solutions enable optimization throughout the development cycle, all backed up by a global team of engineering consultants. Together we empower design teams to create innovative solutions that meet the challenges of e-mobility vehicle development.

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System Modeling & Smart Control

Reduce Prototyping & Maintenance Cost The advent of hybrid, full electric and even autonomous platforms has increased the complexity of vehicles and systems within. Our flexible system modeling solutions enable you to create innovative products while efficiently managing this added complexity. Engineers can produce rigorously accurate development lifecycle models that integrate virtual testing and validation requirements, all while fostering multi-disciplinary team work.

System Modeling & Smart Control

Altair's HyperWorks suite is a computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation software platform that allows businesses to create superior, market-leading products efficiently and cost effectively. HyperWorks offers optimization for both concept studies and design fine-tuning stages of a multi-disciplinary product design cycle. Altair OptiStruct is the award-winning integrated analysis and optimization tool that has concept design and fine-tuning capabilities for structures.

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For Designers

solidThinking Inspire is a breakthrough in digital product development, delivering simulation-driven design tools in a friendly and intuitive environment. Design engineers and architects use Inspire to generate and explore structurally efficient concepts in the earliest phases of the design process. Inspire generates the ideal shape for a design given the package space, material properties and the loading requirements.

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Reduce Prototyping & Maintenance Cost

Mixing virtual models with real commands through SIL or HIL is the most efficient method to validate systems performance for pre-set targets. Our system simulation solutions enable you to perform system level Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA), while debugging potential issues using data measured from the physical test program or real usage environments. Accurate simulation of the physical environment process leads to a reduction in expensive prototyping activities and costly post-production re-work and warranty issues.

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Powertrain Electrification & Hybridization

The move towards hybrid and full electric powertrain systems provides manufacturers with business challenges and opportunities in equal measure. Powertrains must be highly efficient and lightweight while meeting new regulations and growing customer expectations. To help you capitalize on this global shift, we create, develop and deploy state-of-the-art multiphysics solutions incorporating HPC-enabled solvers, all packaged up within the HyperWorks simulation suite platform.

Design Efficient Electric Motors

The development of efficient hybrid propulsion technologies and full electric systems requires integrated simulation solutions that can account for the multi-disciplinary nature of powertrain development. Through our HyperWorks simulation suite, we provide you with leading solver solutions spanning global performance optimization, electromagnetic assessment, thermal and NVH analysis, and more. Altair’s global consulting team can support you seeking out ways to apply these technologies to drive product innovation.

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Optimize Charging Solutions

Charging systems have to be simple, safe and efficient, but the technology and associated legislation is moving fast. Traditional plug-in solutions are evolving into contact-less technologies, opening up further opportunities for product innovation and driver satisfaction. Our electromagnetic simulation technologies can help you to optimize energy flow to the batteries, evaluate energy loss, analyze radiation fields and more.

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Strategic Auxiliary Functions

The evolution of hybrid and full-electric powertrains has led to the electrification of vehicle’s sensors and actuators, benefiting from enhanced performance through smart integration within the wider functional systems. From E-steering, E-Throttle and E-braking systems, through E-valves, E-boosters, E-damping and Energy Recovering Systems (ERS), our electromagnetic solvers offer a robust platform to explore and enhance the performance of e-mobility auxiliary systems.

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Meeting EMC Requirements

Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) has become key for OEMs and their suppliers when developing e-mobility solutions. It is essential to ensure the harmonious co-existence of systems in the vehicle while complying with current and future standards. HyperWorks offers high performance electromagnetic solvers for simulating both radiated emission and immunity problems.

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Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC
Body & Chassis Design

Hybrid, full-electric and autonomous vehicles are technologies in their infancy compared to the traditional combustion engine counterparts, but they still need to exhibit the same levels of comfort, ride, handling, quality and safety drivers are used to. We help customers engineer better vehicles every day, utilizing our simulation and optimization technologies to deliver products with outstanding performance characteristics.

Optimize Energy Efficiency

With our powerful CFD solutions, vehicle designers and engineers can improve not only the aerodynamics of the outer surfaces, but also investigate and optimize the thermal management of electrical and mechatronic systems.

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Design Safer Vehicles

Crash and safety requirements have a deep influence on design in the automotive industry. We help developing safer vehicles through in-house expertise and leading CAE technologies covering crash model setup, simulation and results visualization.

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Improve Perceived Quality

Our NVH solutions automate analysis tasks, delivering better NVH performance with attribute balancing, predicting & eradicating squeak & rattle phenomena and eliminating expensive late design changes. The entire process is backed up by a dedicated team of NVH specialists.

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Enhance Ride & Handling

Vehicle dynamics engineers need sophisticated methods to analyze and improve the "feel" of an electric vehicle. Altair’s simulation tools and processes provide essential help in finding the optimal solution.

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Lightweight Vehicle Architectures

Electric powered vehicles are not bound by the same design restrictions as combustion engine vehicles, allowing designers to create innovative next generation architectures. Our Concept 1-2-3 (C123) simulation process can give you valuable design direction in the early concept stage of vehicle development, providing rapid feedback to the program team on the weight and performance implications of structural changes to the vehicle.

Independent of vehicle architecture, manufacture process, material selection and platform sharing strategy, C123 makes simulation a collaborative partner for concept development.


Identification of optimum structural layout using free form models


Rapid optimum sizing of idealized sections & joints using low fidelity models


Detailed optimum sizing of manufacturable sections & joints using high fidelity models

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