Automating the Simulation Process

In today’s remarkably competitive markets, the packaging industry needs to be highly responsive to the rapidly changing industry they operate in. New products are being produced all the time, and packaging professionals must maintain a fine balance between packaging performance, environmental impact and shelf appeal while keeping costs to a minimum. Amcor wanted to explore ways that it could accelerate the engineering and analysis tasks associated with the development of new packaging products.

Altair ProductDesign’s Enterprise Solutions Group worked with Amcor’s simulation specialists to identify where time and eventually costs could be saved within the design process. Following an investigation into current design practices, the ESG suggested that Amcor could take advantage of the Impact Simulation Director (ISD).

The Impact Simulation Director, or ISD, automates the laborious, manual tasks associated with model setup, analysis, post-processing and reporting. When tailored to an organization’s specific procedures and best practices, the ISD is designed to reduce development time and costs while enhancing product robustness and performance. Once implemented, the ISD was able to accelerate the modeling process by allowing the user to define mesh criteria for each part, automatically mesh the model and then quickly check mesh quality and status. Amcor’s users can assign materials and properties to all the parts according to the solver specific material file as well as checking and fixing penetrations and interference for all the parts and sub-assemblies.

By accelerating the crucial performance analysis stage, Amcor is now able to allow its engineers and designers to focus more on research and development for future projects. In an industry where innovation is key, this is a big bonus for Amcor whose engineers no longer need to spend a large amount of their time modeling products and setting up analysis studies.

Amcor and Altair ProductDesign are currently in the process of creating more refinements to increase the range of containers that the tool can handle and we are looking forward to complete automation of the pre-processing in the future.

“Thanks to the Altair ProductDesign team, we have been able to reduce our virtual testing time significantly. The Impact Simulation Director is fully integrated into our design process and has allowed our engineers to concentrate on research and development, not consumed with model building and set up tasks.”
Omkar Dole, FEA Scientist II, Amcor Rigid Plastics