VSim by Tech-X Corporation

Simulations Empowering Innovation

VSim is designed to run computationally intensive electromagnetic, electrostatic, and plasma simulations in the presence of complex dielectric, magnetic, and metallic shapes.

VSim is a cross-platform, multiphysics, simulation software tool that uses finite difference time domain (FDTD), particle-in-cell (PIC), and charged fluid methods for greater computational accuracy and efficient scalability. VSim uses distributed-memory parallelism that enables users to solve extremely complex problems and simulations run rapidly using algorithms designed for high performance computing systems.

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Why VSim?


VSim’s approach allows for rapid solving of large and challenging problems.


VSim is a parallel computing product that can scale up to tackle extremely large and complex problems.


Found at 30 of the world's leading research institutions, VSim is the multiphysics simulation software of choice for many researchers and engineers.

Key Features

Detailed Particle Physics

VSim uses more algorithms than other simulation tools for more detailed particle physics simulations.

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Superior Customer Support

Our application engineers have the education and expertise to help you adapt your problem into the simulation environment and extract results.

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Examples and Tutorials

VSim comes with a robust variety of examples, and online video tutorials can be found on the web to help you get started quickly.

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Customization Options

With four different options available, users choose the features they need for their specific problem.

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Using VSim, you can model antennas, photonics, vacuum electronics, multi-acting, sputtering, laser-plasma interactions, and more.

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Robust Analysis

VSim offers a wide variety of analyzers for post processing of simulation data.


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