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Data Science and Machine Learning do not have to be complex to be powerful.
Altair Knowledge Works is a global leader in enabling businesses to generate insights from data.

Altair Data Science and Machine Learning Benefits

Connect Data

Connect to data from many different sources, and transform the data into useful data sets.

Build Models

Build models, from our market-leading decision trees, to regression models, to deep learning / neural networks, to in-database analytics that supports SQL, Oracle and Teradata.

Deploy and Share

Deploy these models and share insight collaboratively across the organization.

Actionable Insights from Smart Data

Altair Knowledge Works™ replaces complexity with efficiency by providing an interface that’s designed for business analysts and data scientists. Our wizard-based features mean users of varying skills can do a lot of data science modelling without having to code. Want to code? No problem – we offer coding functionality directly within the interface.

Sometimes it’s necessary to deploy a new model into another environment. With Altair, you can automatically generate code in the language you want to deploy the model to with a click of the mouse. We support many languages such as Python, R, SAS, SQL, PMML, SPSS, and more.

Desktop-Based Data Science and Machine Learning

Designed for people with different skill sets, our desktop-based predictive analytics and machine learning solutions will help you quickly generate actionable insight from your data. Begin your analytics journey by visualizing your data to get a quick understanding of its most important features. Quickly build out predictive and prescriptive models that can easily explain and quantify insight found in your data. Apply and share that insight by deploying models natively or exporting them to common BI tools.

Server-Based Data Science and Machine Learning

Our server-based solution moves all the data-mining computations from the desktop to the server, leveraging more powerful CPU and memory resources as well as larger and faster storage. For users, this means even more efficient data analytics without compromising on the depth of analytics. For IT, this means more control over deployment, security, and user management as permissions for application and file access are controlled by the server’s operating system.

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Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Apache Spark is seen as a preferred platform to manage and process vast amounts of data. Its ability to work in-memory with extremely large datasets is in part why Spark is included in Big Data architectures.

Altair provides a data science productivity tool for Spark that integrates with distributed data structures such as Hadoop HDFS, Amazon S3, and other large-scale distributed file systems. Analytics can quickly be done on datasets that have thousands of columns and millions of rows.

Data manipulation, profiling, modeling, model evaluation and deployment are among the capabilities users can take advantage of using an intuitive and interactive interface. Workflow tasks on Spark can be scheduled for automatic execution, and for model deployment efficiencies, Python code is automatically generated for all operations.

Altair enables organizations to generate insight from datasets of all sizes, delivering consistent and trusted results to make for smart business decisions.

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